Employment Space

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Employment Space

Waltham Forest’s emerging Local Plan and the recently adopted New London Plan are both supportive of co-location proposals to protect employment land and provide a practical balance of employment and residential buildings.

The current spaces need replacing and market demand is driving the need to modernise and improve the employment offer. The new space will be designed and built to leading market specifications, attracting a range of businesses and employment opportunities locally as well as allowing opportunities for existing businesses to remain.

Industrial tenants are an eclectic mix of high, medium, and low technology and are traditionally hidden behind blank walls. We want to challenge this orthodoxy to create a more attractive place and bring in new façade designs that create controlled windows onto the activity inside, and allow the employment uses to integrate better with the community around them.

As part of our work on the employment space, we will be working with the existing tenants to help them re-locate either elsewhere or at Highams Park.

Diagram illustrating the groundfloor of the potential employment space

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